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Follow these links to gather information to help you answer:

"How is _ a global issue?"


Lost in a web of websites? The Big 6 can help you develop a clear research plan.
Be sure to check the resources on the SAS Search page. Click on SAS Online Resources.
Kartoo - a VERY cool tool

Del.icio.us extension - download this extension so you can easily add websites to the:
"sasred8" del.icio.us page. Password: shanghai0708

Globalization 101 - Issue Briefs

Globalization - What's To Be Done?
Many, many additional resources on this site. Follow the links for the lesson plans from the TEACHER link.

Why Not Globalization?

Understanding Globalization - Lesson plans with many helpful links.

International Monetary Fund - You MUST check this site out! Inequality slideshow, podcast on Globalization: Help or Hurt?

World Trade Organization - WTO intro videos

Is Globalization Bad?

Managing Globalization

Pros and Cons of Globalization

Wold Trade Organization

See the student projects at:

National Geographic

Click on McDonalds and go to each one via the bottom of each page.