Getting Started with Digital Storytelling

Digital Story Examples
Short film samples
Center for Digital Storytelling
BBC Telling Lives
Media Rights Festival

Overview Articles
Digital Storytelling Finds Its Place in the Classroom.pdf
TBanaszewski_DS_thesis_chap3_4.pdf (excerpt from my thesis)


These templates have all of the basic editing steps of a digital storytelling project detailed in short tutorial videos. Download the template. Open it up and notice how Steps 3 thru 5 are explained in short tutorials.

(iMovie 06 template coming soon)

*Windows MovieMaker_Tutorial_DS_Prj.wmv (Steps 1 - 5 of a digital storytelling project in detail.)

Project Planning
Step 1 - Writing Your Script
Step 2 - Recording Your Voice Over
Step 3 - Finding and Importing Your Images
Step 4 - Syncing Your Images with Voice Over
Step 5 - Export Your Finished Movie

Story Planning Help


Virtual Portrait Story examples.pdf
Words.docx (sample digital story script)
The Difficult Road from Rhodesia to Modern Zimbabwe.doc (sample digital story script)
Nigeria Story From Colony to Democracy.doc (student written digital story script)
Essay_to_Digital Story.pdf
Story coaching for your digital story script here
Story Spine
AFI Screen Education Center
BFI Screen Education Center

Technical Help
iMovie 06 HD Tutorial.pdf
Record just a voice over in iMovie
Windows Movie Maker Tutorial videos
Photo Story 3 Tutorial
How to Move Your Vids to PC How to Move Your Vids to Mac
Basic Steps Using iLife.pdf
How to record your voice in Audacity Basics of Audacity Post mp3 to a Word Press blog
Upload video to the SAS Learning Portal
How to find images for your story

Story Rubric.pdf
Rubric for a digital story based on an essay
Scott County Rubric rubric

Digital Storytelling in the Classroom by Jason Ohler
DigiTales by Bernajean Porter
Digital Storytelling: Capturing Lives, Creating Communities by Joe Lambert/Center for Digital Storytelling