WARNING! The following information covers only the basics of getting started with podcasting. Hopefully, you will find it encouraging and will continue to extend your skills in recording and editing audio or video.

  • Why podcasting? Listen to a few student-produced podcasts here.
  • Tools - Tutorials for Audacity
  • Basic recording/editing in Audacity movie
  • Exporting your audio as .mp3 - Remember, you need this plug-in already installed on your computer
  • Uploading your audio file to a server - SAS media server
  • Linking your audio file to your blog, wiki, Moodle, Ning or other website
  • Podcasting pointers

Designing a Podcast Activity
  • Answer your essential questions: WHY a podcast? WHAT is your content? HOW will you make it engaging? WILL it be student-produced, small group or teacher-produced?
  • Determine the computer skills of your students. Check access to software/mics.
  • Write script and get feedback before going anywhere near a computer.