Tom Banaszewski
Technology Integration Specialist

Shanghai American Middle School
Puxi Campus

Performance Area A: Effective Planning and Preparation

Standard A2 - Demonstrating knowledge of the school’s program and levels of teacher skill in delivering that program
Instructional specialist demonstrates thorough knowledge of the school’s program and of teacher skill in delivering that program.

*Planning for 1:1 - getting teachers familiar with Mac
*Transitioning to blog communication with parents - setting up Team blogs

Standard A4 - Demonstrating knowledge of resources, both within and beyond the school and district
Instructional specialist is fully aware of resources available in the school and district and in the larger professional community for teachers to advance their skills

*Managing SAS blogs, Moodle accounts, Gmail accounts
*Tech Tips, Mac Training pages on blog
*Portal resources
*Apple Distinguished Educator community

Performance Area B: Instruction and Assessment
Standard B3 - Establishing clear procedures for teachers to gain access to instructional support
Instructional specialist has established clear procedures for teachers to use in gaining access to support.

Standard B7: Integrates the use of technology

Performance Area C: Professional Responsibilities
Standard C1 - Collaborating with teachers in the design of instructional units and lessons
Instructional specialist initiates collaboration with classroom teachers in the design of instructional lessons and units.

Standard C2 - Engaging teachers in learning new instructional skills
All teachers are engaged in acquiring new instructional skills.

Standard C3 - Sharing expertise with staff
The quality of the instructional specialist’s model lessons and workshops is uniformly high and appropriate to the needs of the teachers being served.

Standard C 5 - Demonstrating flexibility and responsiveness
Instructional specialist makes revisions to the support program when it is needed.

Performance Area D: Learning Environment

Standard D4 - Participating in a professional community
Instructional specialist participates actively in school and district events and projects and maintains positive and productive relationships with colleagues.

*Shanghai Student Film Festival
*Filming Fragrance performance for PAC
*CISSA Touch Rugby
*ASA: Digital Storytelling Club
*Learning 2.008
*Apple Leadership Conference

Standard D6 - Showing professionalism, including integrity and confidentiality
Instructional specialist displays high standards of honesty and integrity in interactions with colleagues and respects norms of confidentiality.